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Application requirements for the new Panamanian passport because of loss for Panamanians in the People’s Republic of China

(V) Adult, over the age of 18

1. Form duly completed and signed by the applicant.

2. Six (6) recent photographs, in color, front, with a white background passport size.

    a. Passport photo size

    b. Front face photo

    c. White background (not to wear white clothing)

    d. Do not smile (normal or without facial expression look)

    e. Without glasses, sunglasses or contact lens wear

    f. No hair on the forehead (Nor bangs) allowed

    g. No head accessories allowed (headbands, hooks, flowers, hats) 

    h. The hair has to come behind the ears or tied

    i. You are only allowed a pair of small earrings, ladies (no piercing)

    j. Boys may not wear earrings, or makeup, or wig, or hair down, or caps

3. Applicant apply a Reporte the loss of passport to the police of the place, duly translated into Spanish and stamped by our office.

4. Panamanian ID card and a copy.

5. Application letter in Spanish and signed by the applicant.


Licda. Gisela Chung

Administradora General

Autoridad de Pasaportes de Panamá

Ministerio de Gobierno y Justicia

        Panamá, Rep. De Panamá. 

6. For applicant older than 13 years, must sign Form Firm.

7. One Check payable to FONDO ESPECIAL DE PASAPORTE with U.S. currency $100.00 (in China the applicant can apply the check at the Bank of China)

8. It should be make a requirement of Registration of Passport Issued when we receive the new passport.

9. If the passport was lost within a year of the date issued, the applicant must pay a fine $ 25.00.

Note:  El applicant should pay the cost of Roud-trip Courier from Beijing to Panama.

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