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2016-05-12 00:42:38
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Magic, Reality, and Panamanian Cultural Heritage showcased in China

  Within the framework of celebration of the Year of Cultural Exchange between China and Latin America and the Caribbean, the Embassies of Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Barbados, Guyana, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Granada, and Panama China Trade Development Office, together with the Ministry of Culture of China, presented by China Art and Entertainment Group CAEG, inaugurated on May 5, 2016, "Exhibition of Visual Art in Latin America and the Caribbean 2016", in the hall China Millennium Monument, Beijing. The exhibition will be until May 26, 2016.

  Panama, second consecutive year, exhibits 17 paintings of Panamanian Editha Bethancourt, based on Magic and Reality.  Not forgetting Panamanian cultural heritage and the development of the country, the public will be delighted with 14 different photographs portrayed by Panamanian photographers such as Dito Lopez, Charles O'Droske II, Carlos Siu, Ramon Mendoza, and Panamanian authorities as Panama Canal Authority and Panama Tourism Authority. In addition to this, during opening ceremony, Panamanian Marie Fernanda Icaza wore the national costume of Panama, Pollera.

  The organizers of the exhibition hope that this way will strengthen cultural exchange between China and Latin America and the Caribbean, promote Sino-Latin American friendship and rapprochement between Latin American and Chinese artists art lovers.

  The public attended had view of the photography of the Panama Canal expansion as well as the new gate locks in Cocolí, provided by the Panama Canal Authority. Most viewed and photographed by the public was the panoramic view of Panama City portrayed by Charles O´Droske II. It awakens the curiosity of the public towards our folklore to see photographs of the national costume Polera, Diablicos Sucios, and the Queen of Congo.

  Editha Bethancourt paintings reflects a lot of life and color, the audience commented that in her paintings the lively and colorful life of Panamanians were reflected. Panamanian painter said it is a nature lover and it is her inspiration. Her portraits carry the meaning of Panama: abundance of fish, butterflies and trees; she said that for her the trees are symbols of life, preservation, there will be continuity for the human race.

  The Chief Representative of the Panama China Trade Development Office, Any Lam Chong L, told the media that in order to have a greater economic and commercial approach must understand and engage culturally. Expand knowledge culturally and customs of Panamanians and Chinese, the relationship will benefit both countries and a better approach will be achieved.

Panama-China Trade Development Office @ 2012
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